Christopher Van Wiemeersch

Product Engineer

3505 19th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
248 982 6323


Senior UX/UI Engineer, Virtual Reality & Games

Mozilla Corporation

  • Worked with Mozilla executives to grow the VR team from three developers to a fully staffed department.
  • Co-Creator of A-Frame, a popular JavaScript framework building VR worlds with HTML.
  • Founded + Co-Chaired the W3C WebVR Community Group and Conference.
  • W3C Spec Editor of the WebVR API and contributor to the Gamepad API browser standard. Maintained developer docs and the WebVR Polyfill.
  • Core Product Engineer of Firefox Reality. Liaison between Engineering, UX, Product, Legal, Data Privacy, and QA teams to ship quality releases on time.
  • Product Owner, Designer, Developer, and Curator of the Firefox Reality Content Feed launch screen.
  • Partner Engineer, working with Vimeo, YouTube, EFF, WITHIN, Sketchfab, and Delight-VR.
  • Prototyped proof-of-concept demos (real-time, multi-user) for conferences and executives.
  • Android, Figma, VR, JavaScript / Node.js, WebRTC, WebSockets, HTML, CSS.

Feb 2015 – Present

Senior Web Developer, Firefox Add-ons

Mozilla Corporation

  • Engineering + UX Lead of Firefox Add-ons and Firefox Apps Marketplace.
  • Dedicated Release Engineer (for 450M+ DAU). Transitioned the team from weekly releases to a Continuous-Development model.
  • Bug Triager and Point of Contact for Engineering and Design, Product, QA, Localisation, and Legal.
  • Go-to Performance and Product Expert. Managed our metrics dashboard.
  • Worked with PMs, Designers, and QA to iteratively ship new features (with sampled feature-flagging and A/B testing).
  • Lead Product Designer of Consumer Experience, Developer Hub, and Firefox Themes content moderation tools (for ~1K daily submissions).
  • Mentored two summer interns and nine winter co-op students.
  • Python/Django, Elasticsearch, Redis, HTML, CSS, JS, mobile-first, offline-first.

June 2011 – Feb 2015

Software Engineer Intern, Infrastructure Security

Mozilla Corporation

  • Built an open-source tool and dashboard for monitoring 500+ web servers for suspicious network activity and unsafe configuration changes.
  • Python/Django, HTML, CSS, JS.

May 2010 – Aug 2010

Founder & Creative Director

Dekko Studios, LLC

  • Operated an independent web-development company in 2003 at age 12.
  • Led creative direction, graphic design, and web development of 40+ projects for an international client base, supervising 12+ subcontractors, and earning a substantial profit.
  • Python, PHP, HTML, CSS, JS.

Nov 2003 – May 2010



B.S., Computer Science, Cognate in Film Studies

Michigan State University

Aug 2007 – May 2011

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